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A Message from the Chair

Opera in Manitoba is a healthy and thriving art form. We have a strong audience base, a dedicated base of volunteers, and a music community that is continuing to create Canada’s next generation of opera stars. We’re fortunate indeed.

But creating opera — whether a full-scale production or a concert – is a daunting and expensive task. It requires the commitment of professionals, volunteers, funders and sponsors, and of course, our audience. The current economic times make it even more challenging. Costs continue to rise which means the company needs to raise more money than ever. At the same time, everyone is feeling more cautious, and that has affected Manitoba Opera, as well as many other arts groups across the country.

Behind the scenes, Manitoba Opera is engaged in a continuous effort to provide our audiences with the best that opera has to offer. We’re currently in the process of planning seasons into 2010 and beyond, and at the same time working hard to make sure we have adequate professional and financial resources to meet our own standards of artistic excellence in every performance we mount. We need your support.

Your ticket price covers only a fraction of the cost of producing opera. Supporting Manitoba Opera with a donation or Camerata membership helps ensure the continuation of great vocal art in Manitoba, and helps provide our young artists with the opportunity to develop, grow, and go on to great things.

Peter George
Chair, Board of Trustees

Room 1060, 555 Main Street, Wpg. R3B 1C3
(Lower Level, Centennial Concert Hall)
phone: 204.942.7479 | fax: 204.949.0377
e-mail: mbopera@manitobaopera.mb.ca
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